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Occupational Health

Depending on your industry or your organization’s size, having an onsite presence for your occupational health needs may be cost-effective. We can provide onsite occupational health services on a full-time or part-time basis, offering a variety of medical and nursing staff options. Below are just some of the services that Occumed Health Services can provide onsite, depending on the specific needs of your company:

  • Pre-placement exams

  • Regulatory compliance consultation

  • Hazard detection

  • Drug & alcohol testing

  • Chronic absence management

  • Transition / limited return to work assessment

  • Jobsite safety training

Working with Occumed Health Services ensures that the design and delivery of your onsite program will be cost-effective, compliant, clinically sound, professional, and value-driven. We use a team approach that is integrative and includes clinical, technical, business, and administrative experts.


By working with us, you’ll be assured a return on your onsite investment and greater control over health care costs:

  • Health expenses will be lowered based on lower cost of services and early illness intervention

  • Workforce productivity will increase while absenteeism and downtime will be reduced.

  • Risk Management will improve for employees who have access to workplace safety and on-the-  job training.

  • Morale will increase as you demonstrate a true commitment to help your staff get-and stay-        healthy.

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